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Graphic Arts - stacjonarne drugiego stopnia

Poziom kształcenia: uzupełniające magisterskie Forma studiów: dzienne Czas trwania: 2 lata



  • 14 kwietnia - początek internetowej rejestracji Kandydatów
  • 19 września - zakończenie internetowej rejestracji kandydatów
  • 22 września - zakończenie postępowania kwalifikacyjnego i ogłoszenie list rankingowych
  • 22 - 23 września - przyjmowanie dokumentów od osób zakwalifikowanych na studia

Miejsce przyjmowania dokumentów:

Wydział Artystyczny UMCS, Instytut Sztuk Pięknych, al. Kraśnicka 2b, pokój nr 7

Godziny przyjmowania dokumentów:

10.00 - 15.00

Zasady kwalifikacji

Opłaty dotyczą wszystkich studentów, w tym obywateli polskich oraz cudzoziemców.

O przyjęcie na studia mogą ubiegać się absolwenci kierunku grafika lub innych kierunków pokrewnych. Rekrutacja odbywa się na podstawie oceny dokumentacji artystycznej złożonej przez kandydata w formie elektronicznej lub na podstawie złożonych prac oryginalnych. Dokumentacja artystyczna oceniana będzie wg skali ocen od 2,0 do 5,0.

WAŻNE! Studia pełnopłatne zarówno dla Polaków, jak i obcokrajowców.


Polish citizens as well as foreigners are enrolled on a fee-paying basis for this program.

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
The beginning of the academic year: October 2nd, 2017


  1. In order to apply, candidate must hold a bachelor's degree in graphic arts or another artistic field.
  2. Prospective students register online in the online registration system IRK and file all the necessary documents up to the exhaustion of available places.
  3. In order to be eligible for a programme taught in English, applicants must demonstrate that they meet English requirements for a given programme confirming proficiency in English at CEF-level B2. Check the list of certificates here:
  4. Graduates of a secondary school or higher education institution where English was a medium of instruction are not required to submit any additional documents to verify their English language proficiency.

    Applicants who do not have any of the aforementioned certificates/documents confirming their command of English may take part in an online interview to verify their English proficiency.

  5. Admissions are based on verification of an Applicant`s artistic portfolio submitted by electronic means or personally and on a qualifying interview in English.
  6. Portfolio and interview will be evaluated separately by a rating scale from 2,0 to 5,0.



Master's degree studies in graphic arts are dedicated to undergraduates or graduates of all artistic faculties, for example Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Painting, Art Education etc. Our practical courses are based on study of traditional graphic techniques, painting and drawing as well as the newest digital technologies and multimedia solutions.

Graphic design courses are conducted in a workshop format with use of Adobe applications. Students have also the possibility to learn techniques of printmaking: intaglio (etching, aquatint and drypoint), relief printing (linocut) and silkscreen.

There are two specialities to choose from: Printmaking and Graphic Design.

Artistic diploma is a set of works in a chosen speciality technique, presented in a diploma exhibition, and author's written comment.

Our staff is gathered from the most experienced university teachers, recognized artists and scholars. The Institute of Fine Arts welcomes international students and values cultural diversity. All courses are taught in English. All graduates achieve Master of Fine Arts Degree.

Application deadline: Completed application form must be submitted to the International Student Office by September through the application system and presented directly to the International Student Office.


Enquiries about course content, structure and syllabus:

Admission enquiries:


  1. Candidate’s application form.
  2. Personal questionnaire generated from the Internet Recruitment System.
  3. Confirmation that the applicant has a fluent command of English language.
  4. Original/duplicate of certificate of secondary education (in the case of applying for bachelor studies) or original/duplicate of bachelor diploma (in the case of applying for 2nd degree master studies) as well as a recognition certificate issued by a Board of Education in Lublin or any other board of education adequate for the place of residence of the person applying for the recognition certificate.

ATTENTION: Consulate of the Republic of Poland residing in a country in which the candidate's certificate of secondary education was issued must legalise the documents in order to make their recognition in Poland possible. If the candidate's certificate of secondary education was issued in a country which is a party of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, the legalisation process is performed in a form of apostille located on or enclosed to the document. According to a proper international treaty, if a foreign certificate of secondary education may be accepted as equivalent to Polish certificate of secondary education, the recognition is not required. In this case, it is sufficient to provide the certificate with apostille affixed thereto. International Baccalaureate Diplomas (IB) as well as European Baccalaureate Diplomas (EB) are equivalent to Polish certificate of secondary education. In this case, the recognition process is not required. The recognition of university graduation diplomas is performed by a council of a basic organisational UMCS unit, authorised to grant doctorate degree.

  1. Insurance policy, European Health Insurance Card or the candidate's obligation to join a health insurance in National Health Fund. Immediately after starting education at UMCS.
  2. According to repatriation regulations, a foreigner of Polish origin can be insured by UMCS.
  3. Medical certificate (clean bill of health) establishing that there are no contraindications for the candidate to start education in a chosen programme.
  4. A copy of a passport (the page with a photograph and a number), visa or temporary residence card or other document qualifying the candidate for staying within the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Limit miejsc


Wysokość czesnego

3100 EUR (Tuition fee also applies to Polish and EU citizens as well as holders of a Polish Charter (Karta Polaka))

Dodatkowe informacje

Payment information

International students who wish to study on a fee-paying basis should not pay the tuition fee via the Online Application System (IRK). The account number will be provided to applicants with the acceptance letter, after they have met all the criteria for admission.

International Students applying for admission on a fee-paying basis should not pay the application fee via the IRK system. The 200-euro admission fee is already included in the amount of the tuition fee in the first year of study.

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